Toilet tiles design for your home

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The sweet home is beautiful with the design and decoration of every bit of it the tiles and toilet tiles design is very important to complete the house design. It’s a dream to design and decorate your home exactly the way you visualised it when you first thought of building a home. A toilet is one of the most selective and especially preferred when it comes to house design. Everything in the toilet from the mirror to the toilet tiles is chosen to create a personal space with the personal vibe attached to it. Toilet tiles design plays a key factor in a toilet.

Importance of Toilet tiles design:

every choice is important so is the toilet tiles design. When you choose the colour shades the shape and the basic vibe of your house there is so much to plan. Every choice is somehow linked to another. For example, the floor tiles and other tiles are usually chosen as per the colour shade of the house the type of the house the preference of the owner and The other specifications to design and decorate every part of a house so that it can look welcome band and complete.

If the floor tiles design and not match the wall the bathroom mirror or the other racks, the whole set-up will become a mess and then the dreamhouse will be a disaster. The designs show the personality and choice of the owner so choose wisely.

Toilet tiles design is the new fashion:

From the ancient era to the new age, tiles have been the key factor for every house Including toilet floor tiles, toilet wall tiles, and toilet bathroom floor tiles. Different types of tiles are available in manual stores and online. There is news coming that tile designing has become one of the most viewed topics and most discussed things in gatherings.

From customers to retailers the design the quality and the pricing everything has been in a solid thread of marketing to beautify your house. Get on with the trend.

Difference between toilet tiles design:

Every toilet time is different designed differently looking and comes with different textures. The floor tiles are usually well-polished pebble surfaced. Some solid floor tiles are not into smooth finish whether they come with a textured surface,  it helps the customers in a way that there are low chances of sleeping out on the toilet floor.

Toilet floor tile designs are also different The details are either very minor or become solid colours so block-printed toilet tiles and black and white floor tile designs never go out of interior fashion. Toilet wall tile designs are completely different from floor ones they usually with a solid and smooth finish be it in dark colour be it in pastel shades which are now in fashion.


The variety in tile designs is now impeccable. toilet wall tiles design toilet floor tiles design in toilet bathroom tiles design offer a fast range of ceramic tiles. There are so many brands- ODH Daffodil Flora, ODH Charns Sandune, ODG Agota Mosaic Grey Dark, ODG Embroidery Beige, and ODG Sandra Dark from the brand Orientbell Tiles. Customers can find premium bathroom tiles from the brand Kajaria, the other renowned brands of tiles in India are Asian Grannito India LTD, Simpolo Tiles, Johnson Tiles etc.


The word ‘Tile’ was derived from the French word ‘Tuile’ which came in town from a Latin word. It means cover for the roof which is made of ceramic. the first and earliest use after ceramic tiles were found in Egypt and China and in ancient times it was used typically for decoration it was said that ceramic tiles were coined and later got from clay pottery. The toilet and bathroom tiles are named ceramic and porcelain tiles.

These tiles are very long-lasting water and fluid resistant and can be maintained for a very long time. Around 4000 BC it was the most used decorative element for houses. This is how toilet tile design was invented.

Designs and texture:

The common designs are mosaic, black and white checkered, black and white bordered, solid colour porcelain and ceramic tiles, zigzag printed tiles, reversed diagonal black and white border, floral bordered tiles, marble finished tiles, semi-transparent looking tiles, glossy and shimmery tiles. When it comes to the texture the textured tiles are great for with areas and their highly rated for slip resistance quality.

Texture tiles are most used in kitchens and bathrooms. Nowadays it is getting used and laundries also. Smooth tiles are good but there is a risk of slipping out in the bathroom. Some text tiles look like the tiniest texture given on the surface.

IKEA the access to a variety of:

Time to get lost in the variety of ceramic lamination. Choose your favourite tiles to decorate your sweet home. Now you don’t need to roam around because IKEA is here offering all types of tiles including ceramic wooden designer basic European French Egyptian American and so on. IKEA offers you different types of interlocking flooring tiles including all types of indoor and outdoor decor tiles. Shopping for your sweet home is one tap away.

Decoding the decor:

Every tile tells a story. Every time tile comes with its history and origin the culture it was derived from the Civilization that was used to create the beautiful floor decor through clay pottery. The taste of different countries and cultures and the economic and social status of a particular human civilization can be decoded through it. Prime your private space with a piece of urban pottery.


1.) Are tiles useful?

Ans- Yes, they are useful for every bathroom and toilet 

2.) Is it safe to use them?

Ans- Yes, they are completely safe customers need to be careful while choosing bathroom floor tiles.

3.) Is it a waste of money?

Ans- No, it is worth the purchase.

4.) Can tiles be used anywhere?

Ans- there are different types of tiles to use and different places in the house.

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