The Garden House: Your Outdoor Oasis

The Garden House

For people who love to stay close to trees and nature, it’s kind of difficult to find a peaceful place in their surroundings to relax with friends and families. But centuries back, there was a concept of garden houses in ancient China, Persia and Rome. They used these houses as a place for entertainment, recreation … Read more

How to Build a Cedar Outdoor Shower Floor

Cedar Outdoor Shower Floor

If you’ve been searching for the perfect spot to take your morning shower. Then you should think about installing a Cedar Outdoor Shower Floor. However, before starting the process You should know that. It can be a bit of a challenge to build one if you’re not familiar with the process. Fortunately, building one is … Read more

Exterior Wood Slat Wall: A New Trend in Exterior Home Design

Exterior Wood Slat Wall

Exterior Wood Slat Wall construction is gaining popularity as a new exterior design trend. These walls are made of wood slats nailed to the side of a building. They’re most commonly installed in rural areas or other locations that allow for the installation of exposed timber framing, such as agricultural facilities or log cabin manufacturers. … Read more

Landscape Rock Around Pool: A Backyard Paradise

Landscape Rock Around Pool

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to have backyard oases? It’s not only about the house or the pool – it’s about the landscape, the greenery, and the little things that make your backyard extra awesome! Landscape rock around the pool doesn’t just look great, but it also helps in retaining water. Yes, … Read more