The Black and White floor tiles- Grand Harlequin in monochrome

Harlequin, must have heard of the beauty and zeal to be the breakthrough. The Grand Harlequin refers to the black and white tiles. These beautiful black and white floor tiles are now the talk of the town. These classy yet simple floor tiles are somewhat close to the ancient European taste. These floor tiles have been a trendsetter for a new-age minimalist.

From interior designer to local distributor the craze for black and white floor tiles are high. People from every age group have found it gorgeous yet ancient. The northern style with French gist has come with something really common in shade but variety in shapes and designs. It can be said that “let’s come to the ground, it’s beautiful.”

Origin of black and white floor tiles:

The black and white floor tiles have a long history. Research said it originated around 3000 circa and was manufactured to use cover the floors of buildings. It was very popular during the French Revolution and Victorian Era. Another style of black and white floor tiles is called checkerboard. It was coined in Egypt. The Egyptian pattern and taste are shown there.

The witty business people used it in a smart to portray their love for indoor games like a checkerboard. The patterns are very much different from each other as it refers to different time period and their uniqueness. On the other hand, Victorian designs are the presenter of Victorian splendour and grandeur.

Types of black and white floor tiles:

There are three common types of black and white floor tiles. We often find the colour in the floors including bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room even in the prayers room in some cases. The first and most used design is the black and white tiles on the floor tiles.

This mostly comes under the checkered board pattern mentioned earlier. The second one is the black and white bathroom floor tiles. The basic monochrome of contrasting colour shades is the master of all. Since the northern conquest, it has been a great catch for house interiors. The third pattern is the black and white Victorian floor tiles.

The splendour tiles ooze out the English culture and taste of living. Another one is patterned black and white tiles. In this particular type, we find patterns including card type, geometrical, minimal designs, floral outline, leaf motif, ombre, net pattern etc.

Processing of black and white floor tiles:

The Grand Harlequin i.e. the black and white tiles are thinner than the usual bricks hence the technical part is also different and unique. This duty is done by ceramic industries. There are two types again ceramic tile and porcelain tile. Mining, blending and mixing, pressing glazing and firing.

i) Mining: The clay for the base comes from pebbles and rocks. The dug of raw materials is sent to the company to turn into a fine powder. Then a lot of gets added to smoothen the edges.

ii) Blending and mixing: The clay gets blended well and the mixture is set to pour into moulds of the desired shape and size.

iii) Pressing: The Clay is placed for a certain time in the moulding and then gets taken out.

iv) Glazing: The formed tiles are ready to be dusted off and glazed with preferable chemicals.

v) Firing: The tiles get dried up at 800’C-1200:C for 72 hrs.

Usage in the public domain:

Ceramic tiles have been used around the world. From hospital to railways platform sidewalk passage. It has been a mark to lead the public in a particular direction. Be it entrance, be it exit. They are even used to decorate walls. The black and white tiles were used in churches, and on monuments, to create a background.

During the Egyptian era, it was used around poles. It was often found in mosques. Portuguese-made tiles that measured around 5.5 square feet were used mostly in public bathrooms and religious places including other public places. In 19 century Brittain started manufacturing tiles on a massive scale. Black and White floor tiles were one of the fastest production to be sold out.

Research said that the Kajaria Group is the no.1 tile production company in India. They even offer a good range of black and white floor tiles. Other companies are also there.

Floor decor:

Bedroom floor tiles are often found in countries. The idea of using black and white bedroom floor tiles is basically to give the room a little age with minimal colours and designs. It can be used on the sides of the floor for a better effect sometimes.

There are various designs of black and white bedroom floor tiles. Every bedroom has a different story of choices equations and roots. Sometimes the checkerboard pattern is there to show the witty and sporty traits of people. The Victorian floor tiles come with the Victorian era of England and English culture.

The tiles are very basic and structured and rich in a look that belongs to The authenticity of British and Anglo people. The black and white pattern floor tiles are the ones with a different appeal to floor decor. These tiles come with the fancy taste of interior and floor design.


The black and white floor tiles are carrying history and literature along with some religious factors and the culture of other countries. The continental floor decor has been a messenger of change, choice and choir. The black and white foot tiles can tell us about centuries and it’s history and culture.

The literary value of these ceramic and porcelain clay Kings is standing strong to show directions, to make houses stand out in the crowd. Every era comes up with its own colours but black and white are the constants. The English people, Americans, Portuguese, Dutch, and Indians all loved black and white floor tiles. Churches, mosques and other religious places also have black and white floor tiles.

From small start-ups to settled manufacturers all have been responsible for the global floor decor choice. The moral of the article is, to make your life colourful and floor black and white. 


1.) Are the black and white floor tiles made of glass?

And: No they are made of clay.

2.) Does the black and floor tiles get broken within a few days?

Ans: No, their longevity is commendable. It can stay a lifetime.

3.) Can we use it for floors in religious places?

Ans: Yes, they can be used in any religious place.

4.) Are black and white floor tiles considered the oldest combination of tiles?

Ans: Research says it is possibly the most used combination for a really long time.

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