Transform Your Kitchen with Stylish Floating Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for a renovation to your home? If yes, it’s an absolutely fantastic idea. A total renovation will transform your old house into a modern, attractive home for your parents, couples, and children. But guess what most people miss out on this renovation. Transforming their kitchen. 

The kitchen is not a place only for making food. From our perspective, the kitchen is the powerhouse of any home, giving people energy throughout the day and keeping them together on a table. It’s now your turn to transform your old kitchen, though loved, to a new attractive kitchen with floating kitchen cabinets. Floating cabinets offer you a modern attractive look as well as more space in your kitchen. Install it at your home and everyone will fall in love with it instantly. 

What is a Floating Kitchen? 

Sadly, the kitchen doesn’t really float but hangs to the walls. Designers set up the whole kitchen cabinets including sinks, stove stand, and cabinets in such a way that it has no corner legs and remains mounted to the wall only. The no-leg design makes the room more spacious and modern. This whole design gives an illusion of floating in the air. 

The floating kitchen will not have any toe kick but the hung cabinets will give an extra space in your room with an open area underneath the cabinets, giving a floating illusion. 

Floating kitchens have been in trend for a long time. However, the sober color pattern and modern look still place this design as one of the best out there. 

Floating Kitchen Cabinets in Modern Kitchen: 

The most important design in a floating kitchen is floating kitchen cabinets. As we said, they have been in the market for quite a while. However, their usage still transforms the complete scenario of your kitchen. 

If we dive deep, they are just simple cabinets with no extra design or advancement but wall mounting brackets. This is to mount the cabinets on the wall. Unlike normal cabinets, it doesn’t require legs for its design. Your cabinet will float above the ground with the help of a wall. Therefore, the targeted wall must be strong enough to tolerate the weight of cabinets along with the storage. The wall-mounted brackets will be on the countertop to support heavy weights on the cupboard. 

The wall mounting must be strong to hold the complete weight of the design. You may need to place a false wall to do so. Support is necessary to give the design a long life. Depending on the kitchen cabinet brand, you may need to place a pedestal. But make sure it is not seen from outside to maintain the magic.  

What is a Floating Kitchen Island? 

First, understand what a kitchen island is. It’s an independent cabinet, free from any connection with the kitchen walls. It gives you an island feel. You can set up a kitchen sink or extra cabinets or use this as a dining table inside the room. Floating Kitchen Cabinets Island is a design where you use pedestals to create a floating illusion instead of a toe-kick. 

Setting LED lights to the bottom of the island gives fantastic effects, making your kitchen unique and creative. 

Note that, unlike the floating cabinets, the island doesn’t actually float as it has a pedestal underneath them as there isn’t a wall to support it. The freestanding kitchen island countertop extends and overhangs the underneath-placed pedestal. This design creates the illusion of floatation. 

What is a Floating Sink

Similar to the cabinets, floating kitchen sinks use the wall as their support to keep them free from the ground & any toe-kick or pillar to support it. Floating kitchen sinks have no connection to the ground and totally depend on the wall or nearby cabinets with support brackets. 

They create an aesthetic & minimalistic look and offer openness to the kitchen. It overall creates space on the floor. The plumbing and drainage pipes are mounted into the wall or left hanging under the floating sink. 

They come in a number of designs and styles. You can choose them depending on your choice preferences & overall look of the kitchen. You can choose any material such as glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and porcelain. 

Additional Decorative Floating Shelves: 

Again, following the same design, you can set up decorative floating shelves. Note that they can’t hold much weight as they are neither large nor have any support except the wall. Though your wall must be strong enough to support stronger installations on it. 

Never make a habit of overloading the shelves. They can’t handle the weight. Using them for decorative purposes should be your only motive while using them. 

Pros of floating kitchen: 

  • Gives your kitchen a unique modern look to enhance your vibes and give you mood. 
  • The room gets more spacious and more beautiful. It feels more open that feels rich to our minds.
  • The design is super accessible and gives you an edge in arranging & using the kitchen items. 
  • It is easier to clean than a traditional kitchen due to its space & no toe-kick support design. 
  • It is easy to adjust & rearrange the complete design of the floating kitchen. 

Cons of floating kitchen:

  • It demands your walls to be strong enough to support the weight. Lacking strength, the whole design will soon fall down. Consult a professional designer for a perfect idea. He/ She may suggest you use a false wall. 
  • Floating cabinets offer less storage to you. They’re ideal designs if you’re a minimalist. However, if you are a person who keeps a lot of things in your kitchen, it’s not for you. 
  • It requires more intensive labor to design a floating kitchen. 
  • Though cleaning would be easy with a floating kitchen, you will have more area space to clean which will take more time. 


If you’re looking for a modern kitchen transformation, a floating kitchen should be your next target. They are trendy, give good visuals, generate modern vibes, and enhance your emotions. If designed creatively, it can help you become more loving. In this article, we have discussed all the floating kitchen and their cabinets, sinks, shelves, pros, and cons. Now understand your needs and go for the suitable one.

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